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Dusty Schulz

Dusty Schulz

Honored in 

It is difficult to put into writing the contributions Dusty has made to the sport of water ski racing, both on and off the water. The National Water Ski Racing Association has no other individual who has been responsible for so many different advancements in the sport. Dusty has been an active member of the NWSRA for more than 40 years. He began as a competitive observer back in the early 1970s. Since then, Dusty has held a vast array of offices, positions, and chairmanships during his tenure in water ski racing. He has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and energy as not only a competitor but as a true ambassador of the sport. Many of his accomplishments were achieved solely for the promotion, evolution, and pure love of our sport. Even now he volunteers for tasks and tackles them with as much enthusiasm as someone doing something for the first time. In 2017, Dusty stood down from the position of Chairman of the IWWF Racing Council. He is still a PamAm delegate to the council and is the last inaugural member elected in 1979. He was recently recognized by the IWWF for his service and contribution to the sport of water skiing. As a promoter and innovator, you couldn’t ask for anyone better than Dusty. He truly has the best interest of ski racing at heart. In the 1970s, Dusty along with Terry Bennett from Australia created the “America’s Cup Challenge” between the United States and Australia. Then In the late 1970’s, Dusty along with Ron Tesarski formulated a plan for a marathon series in the United States. The US National Marathon Series was born in 1980. This series went on to provide the foundation which would in turn allow the United States to better select US World Teams. The event structure and world team selection processes are still in place today. With the creation of the US National Marathon Series, Dusty took it upon himself to have an original trophy designed. This exclusive trophy is treasured by anyone who receives one. The design is the only one of its kind in the world. In 1984, Dusty, along with Tom Johnson, had the vision to run water ski races on the Colorado River in Parker, Ariz, a previously unheard-of feat. Dusty and Johnson laid the groundwork, met with city and river officials, then headed the organizing committee to bring the first Parker Marathons to life in March 1985. These same marathons just celebrated their 32nd anniversary having only missed the 1989 season. In 2000, it was Schulz’s dream to bring the Water Ski Racing World Championships to the United States for the first time. To make it a reality, he devised not only a logistical agenda, but a fund-raising agenda as well that would allow the NWSRA to host the world championships without any financial impact to the association. Not only did Schulz bring his plan to fruition, when the finances were settled, but the final numbers for the event also showed a profit. Although he no longer is an active, on the water competitor, Schulz is still an influential member of the NWSRA. He still serves on the Board of Directors for the International Water Ski Racing Association (of the USA). Schulz continues work with the Coast Guard and various local authorities in securing permits for select NWSRA events. It is unknown where ski racing would be without individuals such as Dusty Schulz. It is also unclear what else Schulz has left to accomplish; knowing him, he will come up with something that astounds us all and makes us sit back in admiration.

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