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Gillian Hill Miller

Gillian Hill Miller

Honored in 

Started water skiing when she was 21 years old and founded the Biggleswade Water Ski Club. Organised the British National Championships and a couple of International events at her club. Worked for the British Water Ski Federation as assistant to the Secretary General and eventually took over. Was elected IWWF Secretary-General at the 2005 Congress and retired in 2021 after 16 years of good service. Gill was an International Calculator in Tournament skiing, was Chief Calculator at the World Championships in Gothenburg, 1983 and at many other EAME and World events since then. She qualified as a 1st Class International Judge in 1999. Gill is also a Judge and Calculator in the Disabled and Cable divisions. Gill was part of the organising team for many major events, including:- The World Tournament Championships at Thorpe Park in 1975, 1981 and 1987 The First World Racing Championships in Britain in 1979. The First World Disabled Trophy in Britain in 1987. The World Barefoot Championships in Britain in 1992. The World Games in Britain in 1985. Many World Cup competitions in Britain during the 1980’s. All European titled events and British Masters held in Britain prior to 2004.

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