Barefoot Community

LEGACY dedicated to the Barefoot Community and all the bare foot water skiers I have had the opportunity to be associated with over the years.

My story begins as a skier on Youghiogheny Lake in PA show skiing and organizing the Ski Demons and the Wet, Wild and Wonderful Club. I owe a debt of gratitude to the West Shore Ski Club for allowing me to travel with them and helping me to broaden my skiing interests.

In 1965 there were over 1000 members in the ABC who were observed and recorded their achievement of barefooting at least one minute on the water. This evolved into the endurance events that started my interest in competition. By the year 1978, my involvements in barefooting lead me to being asked to host the first Eastern Regional Tournament. This is where my good friend George “Banana Man” Blair started his competitions and I began to meet many others who are now recognized as a member of the AWSEF Hall of Fame and Award of Distinction.

My achievements include National Champion titles, World Judge Status and alternate on the first U.S.A. Team in 1978. As an ABC member I served as a skier, national and world official, team coach, president for 5 years and provided articles on barefooting in the WATER SKIER magazine to help grow the sport.

I have had the pleasure to be involved with many of the greatest bare footers from all over the world. I remember many of our US World Champs and record holders as children, and working with them in competitions and clinics to help them achieve their goal. Also being able to recall friends that I will never forget such as Stew McDonald, JoAnn and Bill Price, Harry Robb, Russ Connelly and Hank Butler brings back good memories of the fun we had over the years.

Every aspect of the sport makes me proud of the progress that has been made since those early years and I will continue to encourage more individuals to support the American Water Ski Educational Foundation (AWSEF), barefooting and water skiing in general in order to preserve the history of the sport I love.



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