Dottie Troeger

Dottie Troeger of North Bend, Ohio was one of the most senior and well known skiers in the State of Ohio and is sure to have touched the heart of anyone who came in contact with her.

Dottie skied in her first National Championship in 1969 at Myers Lake in Canton, Ohio. In 1972 she bought her first pair of "store bought" trick skis, prior to that she competed on homemade skis built by her husband Ron. Throughout the 70's Dottie and Ron skied at Happy Lake in Fairfield, Ohio which was eventually moved to Morrow, Ohio. In 2000 the Troeger's started skiing in Walton, Kentucky at Cruises Creek where they skied every afternoon through 2009.

From 1998 to 2008 Dottie placed in the top 3 in tricks at the AWSA National Water Ski Championships and top 5 in slalom every year with National Trick titles in 2002, 2003, 2006, and 2007. Dottie held all of the tournament records for the Midwest in Women 7 and  Women 8 Tricks with 2,170 & 1,860 points respectively in 2009. She also held the Women 8 Midwest championship record in trick and the Women 7 and Women 8 Midwest record capable tournament records in trick. With so many top regional and national performances, it's no surprise that Dottie also held the Women 6, Women 7, & Women 8 State Records in both trick & slalom. With so many skiing accomplishments Dottie also found time to be a senior rated 3-event judge and also was a scorer.

It's hard to describe in words how much Dottie is missed at the lake every weekend but there are a number of skiers whose lives Dottie has touched:

"I am one of very few that goes back into the mid 1960's and as a young boy I remember Dottie known later as “Miss Libby” would always attend the Athens Boat and Ski Club tournaments on the Ohio river. She was a goddess on the water. The countless years of service she has dedicated to water skiing in Ohio, makes her the godmother of water skiing in Ohio. She will never be forgotten and I will truly miss her." -- Mike Meek, Albany, Ohio

"I will always hear her yelling from the boat....PULL!" -- Debbie Kern, Fairfield, Ohio

"Tournaments will always be missing a little something without Dottie there. I still remember the first time I met Dottie. It was my first AWSA tournament ever and was held at Hidden Lake in 1999. Not only was she the first skier to come up and ask me how I did after I skied, but she was by far the most energetic person at the lake and was always excited when the kids skied." -- Greg Kuenning, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Water skiing has lost another great friend and ambassador." -- Tim McKune, Lexington, Kentucky



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