Harry and Artis Price

Harry has competed since 1955, while Artis began serious training for competitive skiing in 1959.

In 1999 Harry and Artis relocated to Deland, Florida from Libertyville, Illinois. They founded the Lamb’s Show Tournament in 1965 and supported it for 33 years. They have given over 100 water ski clinics to organizations in their communities. The Prices were chosen to have their biographies published in the “Who’s Who of America” for their outstanding community service and water skiing awards.

Harry has competed since 1955, while Artis began serious training for competitive skiing in 1959. Both Prices have set numerous national records and regional records in the Midwest and the Southern Region.

During the 1962 Masters Tournament at Callaway Gardens Harry scored a trick, slalom and jump record in the senior division. Artis caught the fever and a week later started her victory at setting records.

In 1983 Artis competed in the first World Veterans Tournament in Sambuca,Sicily and in 1984 the second World Veterans Tournament at Cypress Gardens Harry competed on the Senior World Teams, combined they won seven international gold medals.

In 2012 they had competed in more nationals than any other man and woman – 53 for Harry and 52 for Artis, together they have won over 130 gold medals. In 1998 Harry was recorded as the National Correct Craft highest overall point trophy with 7,451 points and again in 1999 with 5,795 points. Artis was awarded, to the skier that jumped the farthest in comparison to the national record, the National Cypress Gardens Ramp Master award in 1987 and 1990.

They are pioneers in recording water skiing. Together they have completely documented water skiing in film and video interviews starting with the inventor Ralph Samuelson to the present year which includes all of the Hall of Fame and Award of Distinction interviews since 1982. Water Skiing is probably the only sport to have this recorded history.

Harry and Artis Price are the recipients of the Water Ski hall of Fame Award of Distinction.



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