Michael Mehrtens

Began his skiing adventures in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In remembrance of our good friend and collegiate skier Michael “Mikee” Mehrtens who passed away December 2013. Mikee was a core

member of the 1973 -77 Rollins College Water Ski Team. Rollins College skiers dominated the Southeastern Conference in those years. Mike was a three-event skier known for his unique jump style. He was a consistent point winner for the school and among the most enthusiastic collegiate skiers on the circuit at the time.

Mikee was a leader among the team who cheered both his team members and competitors from the shoreline. His vivacious personality was infectious and never let a road-trip get boring.

Mikee began his skiing adventures in Sao Paulo Brazil where he grew up with his family including two brothers until he attended Prep School in Stoney Brook Long Island, NY. After graduating from Rollins, Mike returned to Brazil as CEO of Baquacil Brazil, a family business. He later returned to the Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area as Director of MDX Corporation.

Michael Mehrtens is survived by his wife Dr. Cristina Mehrtens of Boston and three daughters Fernanda, Michelle and Kimberly.

Legacy friends of Michael Mehrtens include former team members, Susan Johnson Barry, Dave Freygang, Paul Lupinacci, Dede David Mahler, Geoff Spencer, Bobby Reich, Dave and Debbie Wiley and Susan Douglas Quirk.



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