Scarlett Voris Dwyer

Scarlett Voris Dwyer, 72, proprietor of Scarlett’s Country Inn in Calistoga, Calif., since 1981 and lifetime water skiing competitor and champion, died Wednesday, June 23, 2010.  She was born Dec. 1, 1937, in Miami beach, Fla., to Elsa Adelaide Kochs of Chicago, Ill., and Rear Admiral Frank Burkhart Voris, M.D., of East St Louis, Ill.

Scarlett was raised in Miami Beach, Fla., and summered in Lake Beulah, Wis.  She learned to water ski in Florida.  She was a show skier at Cypress Gardens and began competing in the 1950s, quickly rising to the top ranks.  She placed third in the World Water Ski Championships in 1957.

After college she was chosen as a member of the 1960 U.S.O. Water Ski Show Tour of American Military Installations around the Pacific Rim from Korea to Guam.  The group then proceeded through Southeast Asia and performed shows for the public under the Eisenhower People to People Cultural Exchange.  It was here she met her husband of 20 years, Robert Dwyer.  Scarlett continued to compete in water ski tournaments throughout her life, bringing home national titles and setting records that stand to this day. She was a devoted, supportive and loving mother and was adored by her children.

She was a member of the American Water Ski Educational Foundation and USA Water Ski.


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