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Betty Bonifay

Betty Bonifay

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The name Betty Bonifay has been synonymous with swivel skiing and show skiing for decades. The Bonifay Ski School was the first school for students to learn all different acts of show skiing, but her main focus was always swivel skiing.  

Hundreds of women credit her with making them the best swivel skiers they could be by incorporating ballet and the art of performing on the water.  Betty has traveled all over the United States sharing her passion for waterskiing and her goal was always to encourage her students to compete.  Betty has always looked for ways to improve the sport and the equipment including putting foam in the middle of a wooden ski to make it ride flatter on the water.  Betty also took the old canvas toe straps and had neoprene toe straps designed for her ropes. She developed the braid at the end of the handle for girls to be able to use for certain tricks.  

Betty is a true pioneer and innovator of swivel skiing.

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