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Central Florida is considered the water skiing capital of the world. It's the home of our USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Hall of Fame, Cypress Gardens, and hundreds of world-class athletes from every towed water sport possible. We love it here!


But water skiing began quite a bit north of Winter Haven. Up where winter really happens.


On July 2, 1922, Ralph Samuelson took to the water of Lake Pepin, Minnesota near Lake City on a set of water skis he made out of lumber he bought for two dollars. Ralph is credited with several "firsts." He was the first water skier, the first slalom skier, and the first ski jumper.


To honor Ralph and the 100th year of his amazing feat... the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation is establishing a USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Hall of Fame Up North in Lake City, Minnesota, on the shores of Lake Pepin.


We have curated some midwest-specific memorabilia and built a 100-year timeline which will be on display beginning June 18th.

The USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Hall of Fame Up North is part of the Lake City's big celebration which includes the premiere of the Ralph Samuelson Documentary Film by Ben Threinen on June 18, Water Ski Days June 23-26 which includes a Learn-to-Water Ski Clinic sponsored by the Foundation on Lake Pepin and the unveiling of the Ralph

Samuelson Bronze Statue on July 2... the day it all began.


Our USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Glenn Sperry will be showcasing his stilt skiing abilities as part of the many water ski shows on Lake Pepin during Water Ski Days.


We hope this partnership with the Birthplace of Water Skiing, Lake City, will continue to promote and spread the love of water skiing from Florida to Minnesota to all corners of the world.

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