I've put together this unique and comprehensive list of entities that manufactured water skis.  I was the Product Development Director at Cypress Gardens Skis and knew many of the creators and managers of these water ski companies.  - Don C. Thomson


  1. Adolph Kiefer (Kiefer & Associates LLC, founded 1947

  2. Ajax

  3. Aluma Craft     

  4. AMF Voit

  5. Apco Skis (Brooklyn, N.Y.) Sea Glide

  6. Aqua Sport (Cove Craft Mfg., Laconia, N.H., Larry Brown).

  7. Atlas Skis (Stilley Plywood Co Inc., Conway, S.C.)

  8. Bassett Skis ( Paul Bassett 714-630-7999 or Jame Presson, Greenbush, Mich.)

  9. Bob Lew Skis  (Bob Sligh & Lew Withey, Bob-Lew Water Ski  Co.              

  10. Bob White Skis (Tampa, Florida) (see 5/17/16 E-mail)

  11. Bruce Parker Skis by Apco (Bruce Parker & Charlie Tilger)

  12. CarbonWerx *

  13. Cascade Skis

  14. Catalina Skis,  Distributed by Outboard Mfg. Co. (OMC)  

  15. Challenger skis, 1970's  

  16. Chisnel Skis

  17. Churchill Skis (Danny Churchill)

  18. Classic Skis (Don Buffa) *

  19. Composite Structures Corp. (EP)(Roger Teeter & Bill Featherstone)

  20. Connelly Skis (Budd Co.), etc. *

  21. Dave Craig trick skis, Miami, FL 1950's to 1960

  22. Cypress Garden Skis & Great American Skis (Cypress Gardens, Inc., Bagley Co., Ero Ind., etc.)

  23. D3 Skis *

  24. Don Thomson Custom Hand-Made Skis *

  25. Duvall Skis

  26. KD Skis*

  27. Kidder Skis*

  28. Daclin Skis

  29. Dixie Clipper Skis

  30. Dolphin Aqua Skis (by Fred Waller)

  31. Dura-Flex Skis

  32. Duvall Water Skis

  33. Endos Water Ski and Wakeboard Werx in Long Beach sold  Reflex and other brands of skis. 

  34. Excel Skis

  35. Flagg Skis

  36. Flecky-Snyder Skis

  37. Goode Skis *(Dave Goode and Bill Chisnell)

  38. Great American (Cypress Gardens Trade Name)

  39. Gull Skis (Bob Herman in Kalamazoo, MI)

  40. Handley Skis, Lakeland, FL

  41. Healthways Aquaflight Water Champ (1957), Los Angeles

  42. Hexel Skis * (name now owned by HO Skis)

  43. HO Skis*

  44. Hop - Smith Mfg. Co., Newton, NC.

  45. Hydro Flite Skis (Hedlund Mfg. Co. - Nokomis, Ill.)

  46. Iconn (Power Carve).

  47. Javelin combo pair (Sold By Outboard Motor Corp. (OMC)

  48. J.C.Higgins Skis (Sears)(private labeled)

  49. Jet Ski Manufacturing (Grand Rapids, MI)

  50. Jobe Sports International (The Netherlands)  *Jobesports.com (Jeff Jobe)

  51. Joe Mueller Skis (Texas Toothpick &Tiny Texans)

  52. Ka Huna Skis (In 2001 Hobie Alder hooked up with Nash skis to produce the “Hobie Kahuna” ski.

  53. Kidder Skis

  54. Kimball-Schmidt K-Glass Skis

  55. K-2 Skis

  56. La Point Skis

  57. Lake Region Skis

  58. Leonard’s Metals Co. (Aluminum skis, St. Charles, MO).

  59. Lowell Skis

  60. Lund Ski Company (C.A. Lund Co., Hastings, MN

  61. Maharajah Skis*  Bob Maher

  62. Mapple Skis (Andy Mapple)

  63. Mastercraft Skis

  64. Medalist Cut & Jump (Medalist Co.)

  65. Montgomery Ward Sea King (Turnabout 54 in. mahogany skis).

  66. Murdock Ski

  67. Northland Ski Mfg. Co.  (LeCenter, MN) & (Laconia, NH), St.Paul, MN, owned by Christian A. Lund)

  68. Nash Skis, Nash mfg.com, Hydroslide Skis, Texas Watercrafters (Charlie Nash)

  69. O’Brien Skis (Coleman Co.), etc. *

  70. Ohio Valley Skis

  71. Quantum Skis, Oakland, FL *

  72. Parkway Water Skis (Reseda, CA)

  73. Penn Craft Spray King Skis

  74. Rainbow Skis (Tom Murphy = 50%)

  75. Rail Skis

  76. Reflex (Ski Tech) http://reflexwaterskiusa.com/

  77. Radar Skis *

  78. Riviera Skis

  79. Saucier Skis (Dave Saucier)

  80. Steve Schnitzer skis, West Palm Beach, FL, 1980's

  81. Sea Craft (Ted Williams endorsement)

  82. Sea Glider

  83. Sears (Sears name near tail)

  84. Ski Craft (model HC-9 Bicentenial Model)

  85. Ski King Skis

  86. Ski Master (Texas Watercrafters, Division of Texas Recreation, Corp. Ski Master trade name expired in 2009

  87. Ski Whizz

  88. Smokers Skis, Smoker Lumber Co., New Paris, IN

  89. Southern Skis

  90. Sports Tech Skis

  91. Stinger Skis (Denny Kidder)

  92. Sundash slalom

  93. Taperflex of America

  94. Terry Skis (Sundancer Model)

  95. Texas Recreation Corp.

  96. Torque Skis (Blaze LeWark)

  97. Tourney Skis (Joe Bridges)

  98. Velmar Ski Co.

  99. Vogue Skis

  100. Voit Skis

  101. Wade Werx Skis

  102. Wally Burr Skis

  103. Water Mocassin Skis

  104. Wave King

  105. Wellington Puritan Skis

  106. Western Wood Skis (Ebonite Co.)

  107. White Bear Ski Co.

  108. Wiley Skis







Canadian Water Ski Companies


  1.  Aqua - Rite, (Montreal Skis, Inc.) 1961 catalog - Mark Coultier  

  2.  Sea Glider, Montreal, Sensor, Standard


Australian Water Ski Companies


  1.  Bonney Water Skis (Frank Bonney, Perth, West Aust.)   

  2.  Ron Marx Skis     http://www.ronmarks.com/Site/History.html

  3.  Fred Williams Skis Builds skis & ski boats    


  1.   Vel Aqua Skis

  2.   Rapid Ski Store in Adelaide (handles many brands of skis)


British (European) Water Ski Companies (brand info from Andy Mapple)


  1.    Chippendale Skis

  2.    Typhoon Skis

  3.    Mesle

  4.    Kathro

  5.    Freyrie


Austrian Water Ski Companies


  1.   Kneissl

  2.   Tornado

  3.   Pilot


French Water Skis


  1.   Sims

  2.   Rogue & Lahuppe (old)

  3.   Reflex


Italian Water Skis


  1.  Freyrie


Swedish Skis


  1.   Sandstrome


German Skis


  1. Mesle (West German)

  2. Warp slalom by Philipp and Matthias Auer (2007)

  3. Fishier (Razor model)o