Scholarships for all sports discipline water skiers are available through the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation. The Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee was appointed in 1982. The first scholarship program began in 1983 and offered scholarships to qualified members of the USA Water Ski and Wake Sports (all sports disciplines).


The applicant must be an Incoming Freshman through Incoming Senior at a two (2) or four (4) year accredited college as a full time student as well as a U.S. Citizen. Award will be made to an undergraduate student and for no more than (3) academic years. Recipients must attend school for the full year during the year of receipt. General guidelines for consideration include the number of years the applicant has been a member of USA Water Ski: AWSA-ABC-AKA-WSDA-NSSA-NCWSA-NWSRA-USAWB-USHA, academic achievement level, two letters of reference, need, work record, school and community activities and a 500-word essay or 3:00 to 5:00 minute video. Also considered are the individual's contributions to the sport as a skier, rider, barefooter etc., as a worker at water ski tournaments, (judge, driver, committee work, etc.).


Youth/Collegiate Grants and Scholarships

The USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation considers providing opportunities for youth athletes to compete in towed water sports, a top priority. We encourage clubs and programs from all areas of the United States to apply for financial assistance.


The USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation initiative seeks to support and expand high quality programs for youth that promote character building, education, water safety, active healthy and drug free behaviors, including event participation in water skiing, wakeboarding and all towed water sports.


The Foundation favors the use of grant money to expand existing programs/clubs, to provide additional competitive opportunities for children and to enhance the experience for all participants. Preference is given to clubs that are based in low-income areas. It also favors programs that have multiple funding sources and community support. Allowable expenses include equipment, uniforms, competition fees, travel, staff and volunteer training, and outreach.


The USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation does not discriminate, in its club grant selection process, on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, marital status, sex, disability, age, gender identity or sexual orientation of any club member or staff.

Michael Gerken EquipmentGrant

In an effort to further support collegiate water ski athletes, the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation will administer a $1,000 grant to a collegiate water skier to help fund equipment such as water skis, bindings, vests, ropes, etc. 


The Michael Gerken Equipment Grant was established in honor of Michael Gerken, a member of the Iowa State University water ski team, whose life exemplified the principles of good sportsmanship and fairness, competition and courage.  Its goal is to provide young student athletes of limited financial means the opportunity to purchase water ski equipment to continue to compete in water skiing in addition to their college studies.

Colton King Award Grant

Colton King, a 22 year old student and 2013 captain of the collegiate waterski team at University of Wisconsin – La Crosse was lost on March 23rd, 2015 to a bicycle accident. Colton, who was going to be graduating just a semester later was double majoring in Physics and Engineering with a minor in Mathematics from UW-Milwaukee. He transferred to UW-Milwaukee after 3 years at UW-La Crosse to complete his degree. Colton was an ideal example of someone who excelled both academically and athletically while putting all of his heart and soul into everything he did. In February of 2016 at the Midwest Winter Conference, former teammates of Colton’s at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse presented and got the ‘Colton King Award’ approved by the MCWSA board, Colton King’s family, and the collegiate captains. The ‘Colton King Award,’ is to reimburse a Midwest collegiate team’s national tournament expenses in order to reward the team for working together as one. This directly reflects the example of Colton King. The positive impact that he left behind on his former collegiate Water Ski team will forever be remembered.




Individuals or organizations may contribute assets of any type to the General Scholarship Fund at any time. These assets will be used to

fund existing scholarship programs.



To endow is to give money or property, so as to provide an income for the support of a scholarship. Endowment funds must be invested for a specified period or in perpetuity to generate income for specific purposes. A minimum contribution will need to be paid within two years and may be endowed in the name of an individual or group. The first scholarship will not be granted until twelve months after receipt of the full minimum amount The administrative fee will be transferred at the time the first scholarship is paid.


Please contact USA-WWF for details. Endowment funds may be subject to restrictions by the donor regarding the utilization of the endowment, i.e., use only generated income,

distribute income and a percentage of principal, etc. Recipient restrictions may also be included, i.e., recipients skiing region, college region, etc., subject to approval of the USA-WWF Board of Trustees. Specific performance criteria for recipients may also be included, i.e., winning a specified division of a National Tournament.


Pledge Contributions

(five years or more)

A minimum amount may be pledged for a minimum of five years, payable by December 31 annually preceding the year the scholarship is to be awarded in the name of an individual, group or organization/company. Restrictions placed on pledged contributions are subject to approval by the USA-WWF Board of Trustees.  Please contact USA-WWF for details.



With a minimum contribution, a scholarship in the name of an individual or group may be given on a one-time basis, i.e., in

honor of a friend, a deceased individual, an event, etc. These funds must be received by December 31 of the year preceding the year in which the scholarship is to be awarded.  Please contact USA-WWF for details.




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