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Chet Raley

Chet Raley

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Chet Raley has long been one of water skiing's most sought-after coaches. His devotion to the athletes he coaches and attention to detail in his methods drive his ability to produce the champions of tomorrow. While he is well known for his coaching abilities, Chet is also an excellent skier himself and was an innovator in early wakeboarding and water skiing techniques. Chet's wakeboarding coaching brought him worldwide notoriety. 
He is credited for one of the most groundbreaking tricks in wakeboarding - The "Air Raley" which carries his name. This evolved while Chet coached Hall of Fall Wakeboarder, Darin Shapiro. Chet has worked side by side with both boat and water ski companies to assist in the development of state of the art products. Chet learned to water ski at a very young age, trying multiple disciplines on the water and has competed in Local, Regional and National Tournaments over the years. His more recent accomplishments as a world Champion and Big Dawg competitor have helped him to become an even better coach. He is blessed with a wonderful wife, great family and good friends.

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