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Lane Bowers

Lane Bowers

Awarded in 

Over the years, Lane Bowers has established himself as one of the most prominent barefoot water skiers in barefooting history. As a coach, motivator, supporter, pioneer and overall ambas-
sador of barefoot water skiing, Bowers has had a lasting impact on the sport for his phenomenal barefooting skills and teaching methods. 

Bowers skied competitively from 1992-2007. He was a Member of the Elite U.S. Barefoot Team
from 1992-2006. In 1992, Bowers was the Worlds Jump Champion and placed 3rd Overall. Bowers competed in the Nationals nine times and won the Nationals in Jump in 1995 and 1997. He entered the Open Pro Men division and won the Open Pro Men Jump four times and the Open Pro Men overall once. 

Bowers competed in eight World Championships and was awarded the Men’s Jumping and Overall champion in the 2003 Barefoot Senior Worlds. He was also the first person in the world to do all four toe-turns “feet- to-feet.” Bowers developed the highest selling barefoot instructional video, “How to be the Best Barefooter on Your Lake” which broke down each and every aspect of the basic fundamentals of all tricks and disciplines of barefoot. This led to the growth of his ski school in Winter Haven, FL. Bowers pioneered the concept of “No Fall Bare- footing” which allowed him to safely spread the sport of barefoot to all ages and genders. 

With his strong background in philosophy, this helped him to be able to use his experience, education and fundamen- tal concepts to teach some of the best barefooters in the world. On the competitive side, the biggest impact Bowers has had comes from his ability to teach jump. He has coached multiple national and world jump champions. 

Furthermore, he has coached national and world record holders including the first American Female inverted jumper. Lane’s reach on water skiing, as a whole cannot be underestimated. He has the largest mailing and client list for his expansive E-Book and product offerings. This has had a huge impact on the spread of barefooting and water skiing throughout the world.

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