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Paul Gallizzi

Paul Gallizzi

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Paul Gallizzi emerged on the water ski stage in 1964, skiing professionally for the Tommy Bartlett Shows at the Wisconsin Dells. Paul’s skills improved and increased over the next few summers with Tommy Bartlett, Cypress Gardens in Florida, and the Philippe Logut International Show Ski Team in the South of France.

But Paul’s hidden talents as a committed team player, promoter, engineer, and problem solver began to take shape as he assumed responsibilities and duties in maintaining the equipment and making sure everything was always set up, working, and in place. Paul simply enjoyed entertaining people and water skiing.

The Tampa Bay Water Ski Show Team, which evolved from George’s Ski and Social Club, would not exist had it not been for Paul. The entire collegiate water ski program at the University of Florida, and its expansion to other programs, would not exist had it not been for Paul. Paul is and always has been, a sparkplug for water skiing.

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