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Rob Bemman

Rob Bemman

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For more than 35 years, Rob Bemman has contributed to the sport of water skiing as a competitor, innovator and manufacturer.  Following a long and accomplished water ski career as a Cypress Gardens skier and a highly competitive barefooter, Bemman took his competitive experience to manufacturing high quality competition and recreational water ski products. These products include water ski jumps used in competitions and shows, swivels for show skiers, kite releases and booms for learning barefooting. Bemman is known as a one-man “mechanical inventor superstar” who has continually improving his abundant designs.  Bemman is best known for refining the classic standard ski ramp.  His inventive blueprint for ski ramps helped the Pro Tour battle the problem of having to waste a great deal of time and energy overhauling local jump ramps at their sites – often at the last minute and with varying results.  Since the early 1990’s, the Tour decided to use Bemman’s portable fold-up ramp as their core ramp.  Bemman is still contributing to the sport of water skiing.  Over the past few decades, he has continued to work with the Tour to provide continual improvements to his ramps that are more suitable for high-end Elite jumpers.  Currently, he operates a machine shop business that produces unique and necessary items for the sport of water skiing. All of the products are made of the highest quality aluminum and are machined and hand made by Bemman.  He built and donated the jump ramp at Lake Grew, adjacent to the Water Ski Hall of Fame.

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