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Roger Dilling

Roger Dilling

Awarded in 

In addition to being a globally recognized water ski judge and scorer, Roger Dilling was renowned for his work within the technical control/homologation community on a global basis.  He worked closely with pioneers like Ed Brazil and Dave Clark in the early days of creating a ‘level playing field’ in water ski competition and record certification.   

Roger spent several decades (1980-2010) as a technical controller and was the first to create his own traveling tech control mini-van which was a staple at many record-capable tournaments throughout the Southern Region.  Roger served on the AWSA technical committee for many years.

Roger was an innovator that had the ability to look at a body of water and determine the best layout to install competition courses in the most efficient manner.   Roger was instrumental in trying to make a tournament run better and is credited with the development of the pre-gates in slalom, which was intended to aid drivers in their approach to the slalom course. Roger was a mentor to several new upcoming technical controllers, lending them equipment as needed and providing guidance.

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