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Sherm Schraft

Sherm Schraft

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Sherm Schraft, a USA Water Ski member since 1970, is an American Water Ski Association Senior judge and Senior scorer. He has worked as an appointed judge and chief judge at the Water Ski World Championships, Junior Water Ski World Champioships, Pan American Water Ski Championships, Water Ski National Championships, U.S. Open, Masters, and Junior U.S. Open. For three years, Sherm was the Chief judge of the Moomba Masters becoming the only non-Australian to hold this position. He has also officiated many tournaments for the water skiers with Disabilites Association, National Collegiate Water Ski Association, Cable Water Ski and National Show Ski Association. His volunteer experience to the sport has been varied and extensive for more than 20 years. He has served on many committees and boards over the past few decades for the International Waterski & Wakerboard Federation, AWSEF, USA Water Ski, American Water Ski Association, and Florida Water Ski Federation. Sherm served as president of the American Water Ski Association, the National Show Ski Association and USA Water Ski.

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