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Tom Weber

Tom Weber

Awarded in 

For more than 50 years, Thomas Weber has contributed to the sport of  water skiing as a competitor, event director, innovator and executive.   

Weber first learned to water ski in 1966 with legendary Jimmy “The Flea”  Jackson. Weber started out a 3-event competitor in the Southern Region  Tournaments and then turned to show skiing.  

For more than 10 years  Weber skied in major ski shows at theme parks including Cypress Gardens,  Walt Disney World, SeaWorld of Ohio, and SeaWorld of Florida.  In 1980,  he became the show director of SeaWorld of Ohio, and SeaWorld of  Florida.  In 1979, Weber became a National level barefoot competitor. In  the 1979 Barefoot Nationals he earned 1st Place Starts, 1st Place Wake  Slalom, Men’s II, and in the 1980 Nationals earned 1st Place Starts and  was the first to complete a backward 2-ski jump out in competition.  

Weber became the Director of Operations for World Sports Marketing and  produced the Michelob Dry/Budweiser Water Ski Tour in 1990.  Weber  launched World Entertainment Services in 1995, which managed show skiers  for SeaWorld theme parks.  

For three years, World Entertainment  Services provided skiers to several theme parks including SeaWorld of  Florida, SeaWorld of Texas, SeaWorld of Ohio, SeaWorld of California,  and Jazzland Theme Park, employing more than 200 water skiers.  To this day, World Entertainment Services continues to provide skiers to  SeaWorld of Texas.  

In 2002, Weber became President/General Manager of  World Sports and Marketing, a division of Bonnier Corporation which  produces the Pro Wakeboard Tour, Wakeboard World Championships,  Wakeboard National Championships, Wake Open, Wake Games and more.

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