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Tony Klarich

Tony Klarich

Awarded in 

A true pioneer of the sport, Tony Klarich has been a key figure in the water ski and wake sports world for more than 35 years as an innovator, competitor, writer and director. Tony has invented more than
100 tricks on the slalom ski, sit down hydro-foil, kneeboard, wakeboard and dozens of unique items. His breakthrough move was a front flip on a slalom ski in 1984, and in later years he invented more than a dozen new freestyle moves on a ski. He has garnered 11 world and national titles in kneeboarding, wakeboarding, hydrofoiling and show skiing. In wakeboarding Tony has made significant contributions as an athlete and creator. Tony has written dozens of instructional articles and direct- ed the popular 1997 instructional videos “Hyperlite Boarding School 1 & 2.” 

His “History of Wakeboarding Timeline” is the most complete and documented research on the sport to date. Tony was the publisher and producer of Flight Worlds Hydrofoiling from 1996-2003, the directorof Hyperlite Wakeboards Amateur Tour 1996-1997 and has organized more than 200 events. As a 33-year member of the Screen Actors Guild, Tony was featured in numerous videos and TV commercials for brands including Nabisco Better Cheddar, Stanley Tools, Michelob Dry, Juicy
Fruit Gum, Ford Trucks, Selsun Blue, TV Host of “On the Water” and many more. Tony published more than 300 articles worldwide consisting mostly of water-skiing instructional articles and feature stories in the Water Ski Magazine, Wakeboarding Magazine, Trailer Boats, Flight World and numerous international publications. He has also published series of free online books, “Adventures in Water Skiing,” documenting his front row seat to the transformation of water sports on the 1980s and 1990s. Also known as “The guy who can ski on anything,” Tony received this moniker after riding 40 different things in one day to celebrate turning 40. He followed it up ten years later with his critically acclaimed 50 for 50. He continues as an active member of the towed water sports community.

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