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Keith St. Onge

Keith St. Onge


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When you think of barefoot water skiing, you think of Keith St. Onge. A dominant force in the sport for decades, KSO set the bar high for the next generation.  As a young man, he shared the dock with Scarpa and Seipel and soon surpassed those pioneers of the sport, bringing barefooting into the new millennium.

KSO was the first barefooter to score more than 10,000 points in tricks and has set world records in all three events. He currently holds the men's slalom world record of 20.6 points.  He's won 14 world championship gold medals and is a two-time overall world champion. KSO has also won the U.S. National Overall title an unprecedented 19 times.   Outside traditional three-event barefooting, KSO has won the Footstock Figure Eight National Championship three times.

KSO is a two-time International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation Athlete of the Year, he has won the USA Water Ski Athlete of the Year multiple times, is a Banana George Blairfooter of the Year, competed in the ESPN X-Games, and served as an American Barefoot Club Tournament Driver and Judge.  He also is a member of the 2022 World Show Ski Team which won the World Championship.

KSO may have stopped barefooting competitively, but he still spends nearly every day on the lake with his family passing on his unwavering love of all types of water sports.

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