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Lori Dunsmore

Lori Dunsmore


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Lori Dunsmore has competed for more than 34 years in water ski racing and has been a part of the national team for most of the past few decades. Known for her toughness and longevity in the sport, Lori’s name is well known around the water ski racing world as a force to be reckoned with. Lori has six career Women’s Open victories at the famed 63-mile Catalina Ski Race, which is considered the most-grueling water ski race in the world. She is a five-time national team champion and five-time marathon champion. She was part of 10 U.S. world championship teams, earning six gold medal team championships, two individual world championships’ silver medals, and two bronze medals. Lori earned several gold medals and records in Australia, South Africa and Canada. She skied 160 miles in two hours and 48 minutes along the St. Lawrence River in the 1991 Quebec to Montreal Marathon, breaking the record by nearly two hours. It still stands today.

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