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Parks Bonifay

Parks Bonifay


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The name Parks Bonifay has become synonymous with wakeboarding.  Long known as one of the most influential and accomplished wakeboarders of all time, Parks enters the Hall of Fame as an outstanding athlete, pioneer and innovator. Parks has been in the spotlight on the water since he was 6 months old.  Before he could even walk, Parks made his water skiing debut at Cypress Gardens and became an instant media sensation known as the “Ski Baby” and earned the Guinness Record.

Parks took the wakeboarding world by storm winning the X Games when he was just 14 years old, and since then has gone on to dominate wakeboarding events worldwide, from the Pro Tour to the Gravity Games.  Parks has held every major title in the sport. He is a 5-time Pro Wakeboard Tour Champion, 5-time competitor in the X Games- two in which he won gold, 2-time Master’s Wakeboard Champion, a U.S. National Wakeboard Champion, a Wakeboard World Cup Champion and a Gravity Games Champion.

Considered to be the world’s most influential wakeboarding free rider, Parks is known for combining flawless old-school techniques with extreme, 21st century creativity. He has invented multiple wakeboarding tricks including becoming the first documented wakeboarder to land the 1080. His trail blazing continues to move the sport forward with his fearless exploration into the uncharted frontiers of ocean wakeboarding. In recent years, Parks has taken wakeboarding to both the tropics and the arctic—throwing down jibs on icebergs off the coast of Canada and pulling into one of the world's most notorious surf breaks at Teahupoo, Tahiti. Parks has been featured in Hollywood films and is an innovator in board designs.

In 2009, Bonifay filmed the “Parks Bonifay Documentary” which shows his role in the evolution of wakeboarding.  Parks' role as an innovator and visionary for the sport is far from over. Parks Bonifay is a true legend in the sport.

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