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Tara Hamilton Wynne

Tara Hamilton Wynne


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Tara Hamilton-Wynne helped push the sport of wakeboarding into the future. Raised in Lantana, Florida, Tara's parents were avid three-event water skiers and Tara did her fair share of water skiing and kneeboarding. But, nothing really clicked until she took a ride one day with Darin Shapiro. At age 14, she started wakeboarding. At age 15, she was the world champion.

Going "Big" took on a whole new meaning for Tara. She went on to win three more world championships and dominate the X-Games. Tara exposed the sport of wakeboarding to a whole new audience with breakthrough sponsors and mainstream media articles. She was even a character in a video game produced by ActiVision for Playstation and XBox.

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