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Andy Harris

Andy Harris

Honored in 

Aged 60 and living in Enfield, to the north of London UK, Andy has been involved in water skiing for over 40 years. Originally participating in the tournament division, Andy was introduced to Barefoot some 38 years ago and initially began taking part as an announcer/commentator. He became a Barefoot judge in 1983 and was elected as a member of the British Barefoot Committee in 1985; he was appointed Chairman of the British Barefoot Technical Committee for 6 years. In 1991, Andy became vice-Chairman of the Barefoot Committee and in 1997 sat as Chairman. In 1998, he stood down due to his other water ski commitments. In 1990, Andy was elected as a member of the British WaterSki & Wakeboard’s (BWSF) National Management Committee. In 2005, he was elected as a member of the Board and in January 2006, after having served as Vice-Chairman for the previous 12 months; Andy was duly elected as Chairman of British WaterSki & Wakeboard, where he served for 6 years, retiring in January 2012. In 1996, Andy was elected as a member of the Region EA Barefoot Council, appointed as its secretary and a member of the IWWF World Barefoot Council; he was elected as Secretary of the WBC at the same time. At the 1999 EA Congress, Andy was elected as President of the Region EAME Barefoot Council and he remained in office until January 2004 when he stood down and became the Barefoot representative sitting on the Region EAME Administrative Committee (AdminCom). In the same year, he was elected as Chairman of the IWWF World Barefoot Council (WBC) giving him a seat on the IWSF Executive Board. At the end of January 2008, Andy decided that it was time to step back and let fresh blood take over all his Barefoot representative positions within the BWSF, Region EAME and the IWWF. In recognition of his services to the Sport, he was honoured by BWSF, IWWF Region EAME and the World Barefoot Council (WBC) and inducted as an Honourary Member of all three bodies. In 2010, the World Barefoot Council presented him with their Outstanding Service Award for his continuing services to the sport. Andy still remains as an advisor to Barefoot both at home, within the EC and the WBC and he continues to serve as a member of the World Barefoot Council’s Rules Committee. Graduating as an International Barefoot Judge and Homologator in 1986, Andy continues to officiate at as many National and International competitions as he can and for as long as the Sport wishes him to. Apparently, it’s what he does best, although he doubts whether anyone will agree with that statement! He has officiated at every British Nationals since 1982; every European Barefoot titled event since 1987; and every World Barefoot Championships since 1988 – and he wonders why they all still ask him back! In 2010 Andy was invited to return to the EC Barefoot Council in a supporting and advisory role and to be their representative to the EC AdminCom. In 2012, Congress elected him as one of the four [elected] members of the EC AdminCom and he remains in that office to this day. He will formally retire (again) from the EC Barefoot Council at this 2020 Congress and now offers himself for election as President of the IWWF European Confederation. He has the time, the energy and the commitment that the role requires and he wants to focus on steering the Confederation through its next journey as the Sport evolves in the new-age of information technology that is undoubtedly influencing the way we all go about how the sport is perceived, presented and ultimately pursued and followed. His commitment and dedication prevail and he continues to campaign for the promotion of the sport, in all its forms, to a wider 21st century audience. Andy’s working life began in agriculture and he then qualified in mechanical engineering and served as a civilian engineer within the UK Military for 10 years. He then worked in various roles including 2 years at British Water Ski and 4 years at the Palace of Westminster. Since then, Andy has been running his own business administration and associated services consultancy for the past 30 years. He also has business interests in road transport and law enforcement. Apart from water skiing, his other hobbies include listening to all types of music, going to the theatre and cinema, cycling, motor-biking, drag racing and trying (with great difficulty) to keep reasonably fit. He also passionately continues as the lead singer in a 20-piece swing band and recently, a new venture singing with a Blues band.

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