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Andy Mapple

Andy Mapple

Honored in 

Andy Mapple OBE learned to ski at the advanced age of 13, before he learned how to swim! From the moment he was selected for the British National Team at the age of 18, his extraordinary Slalom skills were obvious. He was a British National Team member for 24 years. He set his first World Slalom record in Sacramento, California, in 1985 and won his first World Slalom Champion title at the age of seventeen. He accumulated 9 World Slalom records by 1998 when he also became the second person ever to score on the 9.75m Slalom line. His 168 professional Slalom victories included 6 World Slalom Champion titles, 14 US Masters Slalom titles, 13 Moomba Masters Slalom titles and 15 US Open Slalom titles. He announced his retirement at the 45t US Master Banquet in 2004 having just set a new course record at Callaway Gardens. His lifelong interest in product development and slalom technique continues to this day. 

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