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Brian Price

Brian Price

Honored in 

Brian has had an involvement in water skiing for over forty years and in  that time made a significant contribution to the sport as a skier, team  management, official, driver, homologator, Chief Scorer, Chairman and  administrator. His contribution has been at all levels: Club, State,  National and International. Brian lists his key highlights being Chief  Judge of the 2009 World Games event in Taiwan, Chief Judge of 3 IWWF  World Championships and the expansion of barefoot water skiing in the  Asian Region.   He commenced his administration career via joining his local Barefoot  Club committee in 1975 and has to-date, continued to be a member of that  committee and maintain an involvement at the grass roots level of our  sport. Over this he has held almost every position on the committee  including Secretary, Technical Chairman, Treasurer, Vice President and  President. He also took a lead role in the organization of the many  Nationals Championships hosted by his State, taking on the role of LOC  Chairman at many occasions. He was a member of the Organizing Committee  for the 1988 World Championships and Chairman of the LOC for 2004 World  Championships but also played a key role in organizing the 2014 World  Championships in Mulwala.   Brian became a delegate to the Australian Barefoot Club Board in 1979,  where he became involved in many projects associated with developing and  growing the sport, including the writing of the Boards Policy Book,  preparation of Development Plans, Coaching Manuals, Judging Committees,  Boat Committees and Fund Raising. He was also Chairman of the Australian  Records Committee for many years and has been an Australian Selector  since 1988. He was Vice President of the Board from 1988 to 1996.   In 1997 Brian became a member of the World Barefoot Council and the  Asian Australasian Barefoot Council. His involvement at World level  includes the writing of the Councils Policy book and being an active  member of various sub committees including Records Review Committee,  Rules Committee, Officials Committee, together with taking on many other  tasks to assist in the development of the sport.   Brian is the current Chairman of the Asian Australasian Barefoot Council  and takes a lead role in the development of the sport in the Asian  Region. During his chairmanship he has overseen two new counties –  _China and Chinese Taipei compete at the Asian Australasian  championships and is keen to see the number of countries grow in the  coming years and in the not-too-distant future, assist an Asian country  host a IWWF World Barefoot Championships.

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