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David Small

David Small

Honored in 

David started his journey with Waterski before moving over to focus his  competitive career in Barefoot. He learnt to ski at Chase Water Waterski  Club and went on to be coached by Tim Hodgkins at both Bowmere and the  West Midlands waterski clubs. Dave made his interna:onal debut in 1996 at the Junior European  Championships in Germany and his Open debut in 1998 at Spelthorne Great  Britain. His World debut was in 1999 at the Texas Junior/Senior World  Championships. David competed at the European Level un:l 2009 when he  moved to Florida USA where he set up a ski school with his great friend  Keith St Onge. David con:nued to compete at World Level with his final  worlds in Canada 2018.  David’s achievements World Championship Golds Juniors 1999 Overall Open 2002 Jump, Overall 2004 Tricks, Jump, Overall 2006 Jump 2009 Jump 2010 Jump, Overall 2012 Tricks, Jump, Overall 2014 Tricks, Overall 2016 Tricks, Jump, Overall 2018 Slalom, Jump, Overall  World Records: • Jump set at the 2010 World Championships in Germany – 29.9m • World Trick Record set at the 2018 World Championships in Canada  13,350   His input to the sport:  David has been the bed rock of the GBR Barefoot waterski team for 20  years, helping and suppor:ng the various skiers that have come and gone  during his :me. He has been an invaluable coach, especially his :me  spent at Spelthorne Barefoot Waterski Club, where he coached the young  Bri:sh team. David also spent several summers at Ron Scarpa’s ski school  in Florida as a coach. In 2010, David moved to Florida and set-up a ski  school, quickly joining forces with Keith St Onge, to form the great World Barefoot Centre. I think it would be fair to say, David has  been an inspirational coach to most of us who ski today.

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