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Des Burke-Kennedy

Des Burke-Kennedy

Honored in 

Des hails from Ireland and has a lifelong experience as CEO of Companies in Retail, Wholesale and Investment. But his love for sport led to him becoming well known in Waterskiing, representing Ireland at all the major meetings of IWWF and Europe. He became a well-known Commentator in the sport and was invited to commentate at most of the major waterski & wakeboard events around the world. His Irish lilting voice has been a favourite for many a year. With his camera in hand, Des was able to pursue his love of photography and has provided some amazing action shots which he readily makes available to all the athletes, by whom he is very much appreciated. Des has focused a huge amount of his time and energy on assisting the IWWF in its world-wide promotion. He was elected as Chairman of the IWWF Marketing & Media Committee in 2002 and fulfilled this position with great success for 15 years. During this time, he published 160 Press Releases and hundreds of photos distributed with Sportcal worldwide to over 30,000 contacts. He also created many news features for Waterski Magazines in the USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Australia. On the invitation of the IWWF President, Des was one of the founder members of the IWWF Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup Committee and has been involved from 2002-2017 in the organisation of 47 World Cup Stops. Three of which were organised by him in Ireland. Kuno and Des were a formidable team in persuading cities around the world to invest in the IWWF offering cash prizes to the top Waterski and Wakeboard athletes. In 2009 he was elected as Chairman of the IWWF International Hall of Fame and fulfilled this position for 10 years with great success, arranging excellent Presentations for all the recipients. 18 years as President of the Irish Waterski & Wakeboard Federation, 15 years as IWWF Chairman of the World Marketing & Media Committee, Founder member of the IWWF Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup, and 15 years as organiser of TV shows & voice overs on approximately 15 World Cup TV Shows. Des also influenced the future of the sport through his years of commentary around the World. Of all the influence Des has had on the sport of Waterskiing, he truly is deserving of being inducted into the IWWF International Hall of Fame.

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