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Glenn Thurlow

Glenn Thurlow

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Glenn Thurlow will always be remembered as the man who first jumped over 200 feet.


Although the metric system has long been dominant in international competitions, it seems that some of the great psychological and physical barriers in sports have been measured in the English system. Whether it was the fifteen foot pole vault of the 1930s, the four minute mile of the 1950s or the 200 foot jump in water skiing in the 1980s, feet and inches seem often to be the obstacles to be overcome. In March 1983 Glenn Thurlow was the man who overcame the 200 foot jump mark with a record-setting leap of 61.57 meters or 202 feet.


Not that Glenn has only that achievement to his credit. He represented Australia in the World Championships eight times, from 1973 to 1987. Along the way he won the silver medal in his speciality of jumping four times and the bronze medal two other times. He dominated the jumping event in Australia from 1977 to 1988, winning the gold in each of those twelve consecutive years and was the first Australian man to win all three competitive events in a single year in 1981.


Since his retirement from competition in 1989, Glenn has continued to promote the sport through his involvement with the Australian Water Ski Association as Coaching Director at Junior and Senior levels and with his support of Junior Development programs and Australian teams selection.


It is my pleasure to announce the induction into the International Water Ski Hall of Fame of the barrier-breaking Australian jumper, Glenn Thurlow.

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