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Jean Muller

Jean Muller

Honored in 

Thirty-five years ago Marina Doria did what would now not seem at all remarkable - she left her native Switzerland and went to Florida to train. In 1955, however, it was a unique decision. There were, of course, no competitive Ski schools in Florida at the time, and Marina did what so many American competitors of that period did - she joined the ski show at Cypress Gardens and became one of its star performers.


Marina skied in three World Tournaments 1953, 1955, and 1957. In 1955 she placed second in overall, with a gold medal in tricks. In 1957, with the World Championships at the now-familiar Cypress Gardens, Marina won the overall, with gold medals in both tricks and slalom, becoming the first European woman to win the World Overall title.


Although skiing at Cypress Gardens, Marina continued to compete in Europe, winning four consecutive overall titles in the European Championships from 1953 to 1956 and at least five consecutive overall titles in Switzerland where she continued to compete successfully until 1960.


I am pleased to announce the induction of the finest female skier from Europe of the first decade of international competition and former World Overall titlest, Marina Doria.

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