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Jim Grew

Jim Grew

Honored in 

Few Officials in our sport have received the level of recognition as Jim Grew and with very good reason. For over 30 years, his commitment, knowledge, patience, leadership and generous personal financial support, have all won him worldwide respect. Educated in the USA, Spain, Germany and France, with language fluency in English, French, German and Spanish, Jim is very much an international person and a perfect candidate for our Award. Having coached in Water Skiing, Snow Skiing, Ice Hockey and Tennis, Jim’s IWWF positions included IWWF Executive Committee Meeting Chair or member (2002-2018), Executive Board Chair or member (1993-2018), IWWF Congress Chair (2007-2017), Disabled/Adaptive Council Chair / President (1993-2019), Paralympic Committee member (1995-2019), USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation, Hall of Fame / Museum positions, including Honorary Trustee for Life (2015), Board Chair, VP or Trustee member (1993-2014), Executive & Finance Committee member (2005-2019), Scholarship Committee member (1993-2019), USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Honorary National Director (2017), President (2007-2017), Board Chair or VP (2001-2017), Judicial Committee member (1999-2019), Executive Committee member or chair (2001-2019), USA Adaptive Water Ski & Wake Sports Board Chair or VP (1995-2019), President (1997-1998), Executive Committee member (2003-2019), International Activities Committee member (1995-2019). Jim was also Chief Judge at the World Disabled Waterski Championships (5 times), Disabled National Championships (5 times) and Chief Judge at the World Disabled Trophy, plus multiple appointments as Calculator, Scorer, Team Captain and Interpreter. His personal Scholarships and Donations include: Jim Grew AWSA Nationals Boys / Girls1 Scholarship (17yrs), Barbara Bolding /Jim Grew Scholarship for Women (26yrs), USA Water Ski Foundation & IWWF Hall of Fame (Major Donor), Lake Grew (Naming Rights), Disabled / Adaptive World Championships (Title Sponsor 2011/15/17). Jim was inducted in to USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation Hall of Fame in 2013. This year, we welcome his induction to the IWWF International Hall of Fame.

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