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Kevin Murfitt

Kevin Murfitt

Honored in 

Over a 12-year International Waterskiing career from 1993-2005, Kevin achieved nine individual World Championships, including 3 Overall Titles in the V1 (blind) category. During that time, Kevin also achieved two world records: V1 Tricks in 1993 (850 Points), and V1 Jump in 2005 (19 Metres). In the jump, Kevin broke the previous record by nearly 2 metres as he and his jump guide Andrew did a cut to the ramp, the first time this was done in the V1 Category. His record still stands 15 Years later. Kevin was the first totally blind skier to compete in all three events and set records in those events at National and State level in Australia, blazing the way for other blind people coming into the sport. Around 2005 Kevin did a demonstration jump set at the Moomba Masters in Melbourne. The Moomba Masters International Invitational is the largest three-event waterski and wakeboard tournament in the world. Supported by the Victorian Institute of Sport throughout his skiing career, Kevin achieved three awards during this time: Disabled Athlete of the Year, the Williams Angliss ACE (athlete career and education) award, and the Frank Pyke Award of Excellence. Finally, Kevin contributed significantly to waterskiing through his involvement on National and IWWF disabled committees throughout his career.

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