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Lynn Novakofski

Lynn Novakofski

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Lynn Novakofski, A.K.A. "Nova,” hails from Minocqua, Wisconsin.  He  kickstarted his waterskiing journey with the Min-Aqua Bats Waterski Shows. After  military service, he thrived as a skier at Cypress Gardens, Florida, excelling in show  skiing and competition, even earning a podium spot at the Senior Masters  Tournament.  Lynn elevated show skiing by introducing innovative concepts and urging  skiers to push boundaries. He emphasized athleticism in female skiers,  integrated dance and ballet, and collaborated with a figure skating coach. He was a pioneer  promoting the 360-degree swivel ski and swivel ski ballet, pairs,  doubles, and strap doubles, which expanded the ski show repertoire.  As Cypress Gardens’ show director, Lynn organized competitions, inspired  skiers and fostered skills. His annual “road shows” boosted Cypress Gardens’  global impact.  He was a key figure in the National Show Ski  Association, spent 22 years at Cypress Gardens and also contributed to  Sea World of California.  Lynn’s legacy includes the “Lynn Novakofski” outstanding male skier  award and the prestigious “Nova” award for top performers within World Entertainment.  His ongoing influence is felt yet today through his remarkable photography,  social media, and challenges to skiers worldwide. Lynn’s authoritative  voice by the lake remains a defining presence, leaving an immeasurable impact on water ski shows  globally.

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