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Steve Simmonds

Steve Simmonds

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As a six-year-old Steve lost a leg and since the age of eleven, when he took up the sport of waterskiing, exhibited a great strength of character and gritty determination. After watching a National Three Event Championship in Canberra and meeting Ryan Green, Steven decided to pursue a career as a three-event skier. Steve competed at all the Disabled World Championships in the 1990’s and held the World Slalom Record in 1993, the World Trick Records in 1993 and 1995 and the World Jump Record in 1993, 1995 and 1997, a World Record he still holds today. Steve was the first amputee to perform a flip, first amputee to barefoot water ski, first amputee to jump over 100ft, and the first amputee to perform an air chair flip; he was also the first amputee to become a life member of the Australian Waterski and Wakeboard Federation, compete as a student with a disability at the Australian Primary School Championships, Medal at the Australian Able Body Waterski Championships in Tricks and the only waterskier to receive a scholarship from the AIS for Waterskiing. Steve also competed at all relevant Australian National Championships until 2010 and is the current Australian Record Holder in all three events. From 2010 onwards he started to compete at able bodied events and has only recently retired.

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