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Toni Neville

Toni Neville

Honored in 

Before retiring eleven years ago in 2002, throughout the 1990’s, Toni Neville was rarely off the Podium at so many major Slalom or Jump events around the world. She dominated Slalom at Australia’s Moomba Masters for a period of seven years from 1991 to 1998.


In 1997 and 1999 she set World Waterski Championships Records in both Slalom and Jump. She then made history in the year 2000 by being the first female Waterskier ever to Jump more than 200ft. when she established the first Women’s Ski-Fly World Record of 66.6m / 219ft. As both a US Masters and Moomba Masters Champion, her tally of four World Championships Medals and four World Jump Records, established her as the best Jumper of the day.


In securing eleven major international titles in that 1990’s decade including breaking Australia’s National Slalom Record four times, her status as an international star is now part of the history of our sport.

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