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Wayne Mawer

Wayne Mawer

Honored in 

Racing Wayne is an outstanding athlete, a humble achiever who has always been ready to help others and a wonderful ambassador for the sport of waterskiing and wakeboarding. Wayne Mawer competed in 5 IWWF Open World Championships – 3 in Racing (1997, 2009, 2013) and 2 in Wakeboard (2000 & 2001). He won all three of the IWWF Open Men’s World Racing Championships and won the 2001 IWWF Open Men’s World Wakeboard Championships. Wayne’s water-skiing career has been long and multi-layered. His list of achievements clearly show that he is an outstanding athlete and worthy of the highest honour of the sport of waterskiing – induction into the IWWF International Hall of Fame. Wayne was only 8 years old when he was selected to attend a ski racing junior development school. His talent shone, and although very young, he eagerly absorbed advice from all instructors and implemented all recommendations. Wayne was awarded the Queensland Division of the Sportsmen’s Association of Australia Award in 1997. He then went on to win the Association’s National Senior Sports star award, known as the Lindy Award. Wayne has been awarded IWWF Male Skier of the year twice, in 2009 and 2013. Wayne is an exceptional person who has given much of his life to water ski racing and is extremely worthy of being inducted into the IWWF International Hall of Fame, to conclude a stellar water ski racing career.

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