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We Celebrate the 101st Anniversary of Water Skiing by Getting on the Water!

We love water skiing... and all towed water sports.

At the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation, we always want to share the love by celebrating our past with the Hall of Fame or supporting our young athletes with college scholarships.

For the second year in a row, we took our love on the road with a visit to Lake City, Minnesota's Water Ski Days. Last year was significant as we celebrated the Centennial of the invention of water skiing in Lake City with the dedication of a Ralph Samuelson statue, the premiere of a documentary film, and the biggest Water Ski Days celebration ever.

This year, the 101st year of water skiing, we held our second annual Get on the Water Event at Ohuta Beach on historic Lake Pepin. The very place where Ralph Samuelson water skied for the very first time.

We took to the historic waters to teach 20 people from Lake City how to water ski for free. We're putting the water ski back in water ski days and bringing the love of water skiing back to where it all began!

Thanks to the generous support of The Adams Family from Center City, Minnesota, for lending us their boat, Betsy Gilman, Megan Adams, Kasie Larsen, and Mackenzy Koehn for instructing in the boat all day, and The Big Pine Lake Water Ski Team for donating gas. Massive thanks to Melissa Larsen for providing snacks and support onshore and Glenn Sperry for his contagious enthusiasm!

We love Lake City and can't wait to return next year!


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