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RAISES $75,000

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Ski with the Legends continues to shatter records! This year the Legends West event raised $75,000


Held in beautiful Discovery Bay, California, the event brought together skiers and riders from multiple disciplines with the opportunity to be coached by some of the great legends in our sport.


This year, every participant had the opportunity to try various disciplines including water skiing, wake surfing, wakeboarding, barefooting, show skiing & speed skiing.  This created a real comradery amongst all the skiers & riders from different disciplines who never had tried some the other disciplines outside their own.  Many even wanted to attempt a pyramid on the last day. With the Legends coaching and giving valuable advice, the participants caught on fast and fell in love with the sport.  Growing our sport is the true mission behind Ski with the Legends, in addition to the fundraising.


How incredible it was to see all the participants trying all the disciplines,” said Hall of Famer and ski racing phenomenon Mike Avila who hosted the event,  “Wouldn’t it be great if all the legends in the sport would give the opportunity for everyone to try different disciplines so we can grow the numbers back in our sport.”


Legends included Carl Roberge, Willie Farrell, Mike Avila, Glenn Sperry, Mike Suyderhoud, Lori Dunsmore, Mike Temby, Chuck Stearns, Tony Klarich & Scott Pellaton.


“This was by far our most successful event to date”, said USA-WWF Executive Director Tracy Mattes. “Mike Avila just knocked it out of the park.  Each year he goes above and beyond to create an amazing experience on the water for all the participants and the Legends.  He exemplifies what it means to be a true Legend in our sport in the way he gives back.”


The 2019 Legends West event kicked off on Friday with a charity golf event at the Discovery Bay Country Club.    On Saturday skiers and riders had the chance to get on the water with the legends during the day and came together for a dinner and auction on Saturday night. Everyone got back on the water for more skiing on Sunday! 


The Ski with the Legends fundraising event benefits the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation programs which including a call to action by the Hall of Fame alumni to raise money for the new Hall of Fame building.   The Foundation programs are designed to grow and promote the sport.

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