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Brenda Nichols Baldwin

Brenda Nichols Baldwin


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For more than two decades, Brenda Baldwin’s achievements have included being a world renowned water skier, coach, and judge.  As an elite skier, Baldwin was the 1995 World Jump Champion and held the World Jump Record from 1997-2000.  In 1997 she swept titles in both 1997 US Masters and Moomba Masters in the jump event.  Baldwin, a three time US National Champion in the open women’s jump event, has represented the United States as a member of four World Teams and two Pan American Teams.  She was Pan Am Slalom and Jump champion in 1994 and successfully defended her jump title in 1996. Baldwin continued her success in the over 35 division winning the World Slalom and Jump events in 2008; the trick and jump events in 2012 and won the silver medal in slalom, jump, and overall in 2014.  Baldwin was a member of winning US 35+ World Championship and Pan Am Teams in 2008, 2012, and 2014. She also went on to win 18 US National Championship titles from 2007 to 2013, including a clean sweep in 2012.


Baldwin made a big impact on the sport off the water as well as a dedicated volunteer and coach. From 1995-2004 she was a member of the USA Water Ski and AWSA Board of Directors and served on multiple committees.  Since 2004, she has served as Honorary Director and a member of their International Activities Committee.  Brenda was a founding member of the Athlete Advisory Council of the IWWF and has served on the United States Olympic Committee’s Board of Directors and Sport Science & Technology Committee. A Pan Am Judge and Level 3 Coach, Brenda has coached US Junior World Championship teams, Under 21 World Championship teams, and helped direct both National Junior Development and Southern Region Junior Development clinics.  Brenda is also a, judge, scorer, and trained driver.  Throughout her prominent water skiing career, Brenda has received several significant water skiing awards that include the 1996 USA Water Ski Female of the Year and the 2012 USA Water Ski Award of Merit.

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