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Robert Sligh

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Robert Sligh





Developed BOB LEW Skis at the Grand Rapids, Michigan Sligh Furniture Company


Bob Sligh was the son of water skiing pioneer, Charles R. "Chuck" Sligh. He continuously supported the sport he truly loved: water skiing.

Bob skied with the Macatawa Water Ski Club which hosted the 1941, 1946 and 1947 Water Ski National Championships. His favorite event was tricks. He developed the 2 ski turnaround on cut off, finless jumpers.

In 1946 he won national titles in men's tricks and doubles, with Irene "Ike" Boer.

In 1947 he won the Men's Overall at the National Championships and in 1948 he won tricks, slalom and overall as a "guest skier" at the European Water Ski Championships in Geneva, Switzerland.

Bob, along with Lew Withey, developed and manufactured  "BOB LEW" skis at the Grand Rapids, Michigan Sligh Furniture Company.  The 8 layer wood laminate skis were known for their beauty, durability and function.

A pair of "BOB LEW" jump skis, on display at Krupa Boat Mart in Jackson, MI look as good as new more than 60 years after they were made.

In 2005, Bob was inducted into the Michigan Water Ski Hall of Fame and recognized by the American Water Ski Education Foundation as a member in the Award of Distinction.

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