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Wayne Canfield

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Wayne Canfield





Wayne Canfield of Canyon Lake, Calif., passed away on Sept. 23. He was 73 years old. Wayne is considered to be an icon in the sport of water skiing. He spent more than 40 years contributing to the sport he loved so dearly. The American Water Ski Association recently honored Wayne and his wife, Barbara. Wayne was approved as emeritus driver and judge, while Barbara was approved as emeritus scorer.

Born and raised in San Diego, Wayne served for two years in the Army in Germany and returned to continue the family business, Canfield Brakes.

Wayne met Barbara at the brake shop in Lemon Grove. Barbara needed work done on her car and her father told her that she couldn’t go wrong with Canfield Brakes. Wayne joked that she paid $46 for the brakes and he had been paying ever since.

Wayne and Barbara enjoyed many years water skiing with the San Diego Mission Bay Boat and Ski Club. They later founded Wayne’s Skiers Supply in San Diego. They retired to a private water ski lake in Newberry Springs where they spent more than 20 years. Wayne was the consummate handyman. He helped to build numerous docks, garages and homes. He fixed or repaired countless vehicles, boats and skis. They ultimately chose to reside in Canyon Lake where they continued their love for the sport of water skiing.

Wayne was an accomplished driver, judge and skier. He drove at many prestigious events, including the Water Ski National Championships, Masters and Water Ski World Championships. Wayne also was an accomplished skier, holding records and titles, including two-time national champion. He is held in high regard the world over.

Wayne not only officiated at water ski events, he also spent a considerable amount of time developing other officials. He gave countless clinics and lessons to so many. He was committed to not only growing the sport of water skiing, but also to setting and upholding its standards. Friends often joked as to whether or not  “it’s good enough for Wayne.”

After moving to Canyon Lake, Wayne and Barbara became involved in the Canyon Lake Twirlers square dancing club. True to Wayne and Barbara’s form, they became deeply involved with that club as well. Wayne was co-president of the club and together they worked diligently to promote modern square dancing. They again added to their long list of dear friends with new ones in dancing.

Wayne is survived by his wife, Barbara, their son, Jon, and daughter-in-law, Kathy, grandchildren, Erin and Kenny, brother, Richard, and nieces and nephews. He also leaves behind an extended family of devoted friends across the country and around the world.

Wayne epitomized the highest standards of integrity, honesty and humility. The world is a much better place for having had Wayne in it.

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