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2023 Boys 1 & Girls 1 National Overall Title Scholarship Winners

The USA Water Ski and Wake Sports Foundation is giving away thousands of dollars in scholarships to young water sports athletes from across the country.

These particular scholarships are awarded annually at the Goode Water Ski National Championships to the overall winners of each of the Boys and Girls Divisions. The Scholarships will be held in escrow by the Foundation until these young people attend the college or university of their choice.

Zoe Atwell (pictured) won the Girls 1 National Overall Points award and has been awarded the Jim Grew Girls 1 Scholarship. Similarly, Douglas Lohr won the Boys 1 National Overall Points award and has been awarded the Jim Grew Boys 1 Scholarship. Zoe and Douglas won the overall titles in their respective age divisions at the 2023 U.S. Water Ski National Championships at Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach, Florida. Both scholarships are for the amount of $2,000 and will be held in escrow by the foundation until the athlete attends the university of their choice. We are thankful to Jim Grew for sponsoring both of these scholarships and for supporting our young athletes!

Established in 1968, the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation, preserves and celebrates the history of all towed water sports and promotes these sports through our Scholarship Programs and the Water Ski & Wake Sports Hall of Fame. Email questions to:


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