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Legendary addition to the 2024 Hall of Fame Ceremony: Lynn Novakofski

You may know him as the man behind the most epic photos in water skiing history or as the showman who set Cypress Gardens on fire back in the day. You may call him Lynn or Nova, or if you're like us, you call him HERO.

Lynn Novakofski is being inducted into the 2024 International Water Ski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) Hall of Fame, and he will be honored at this year's USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Hall of Fame Ceremony on April 6th at the Nora Mayo Hall in Winter Haven, Florida. Lynn is a legend and a Show Skiing "Pioneer." But forget the covered wagon. Lynn could do anything on the water and has spent all his life promoting water skiing.

This guy is special.

Lynn was inducted into the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Hall of Fame in 2009 and hasn't stopped contributing and making a difference. Here is his IWWF Hall of Fame Nomination.

Lynn Novakofski, A.K.A. "Nova,” hails from Minocqua, Wisconsin.  He kickstarted his waterskiing journey with the Min-Aqua Bats Waterski Shows. After military service, he thrived as a skier at Cypress Gardens, Florida, excelling in show skiing and competition, even earning a podium spot at the Senior Masters  Tournament.  Lynn elevated show skiing by introducing innovative concepts and urging skiers to push boundaries. He emphasized athleticism in female skiers,  integrated dance and ballet, and collaborated with a figure skating coach. He was a pioneer in promoting the 360-degree swivel ski and swivel ski ballet, pairs,  doubles, and strap doubles, which expanded the ski show repertoire.  As Cypress Gardens’ show director, Lynn organized competitions, inspired skiers, and fostered skills. His annual “road shows” boosted Cypress Gardens’  global impact.  He was a key figure in the National Show Ski Association, spent 22 years at Cypress Gardens, and contributed to SeaWorld of California.  Lynn’s legacy includes the “Lynn Novakofski” outstanding male skier award and the prestigious “Nova” award for top performers within World Entertainment.  His ongoing influence is felt yet today through his remarkable photography,  social media, and challenges to skiers worldwide. Lynn’s authoritative voice by the lake remains a defining presence, leaving an immeasurable impact on water ski shows globally.

Lynn joins several other 2024 Inductees from around the world who will be inducted at various World Championships this year. The IWWF International Hall of Fame recognizes, appreciates, and understands the incredible contribution each recipient has made to their discipline, community, clubs, federations, confederations, the world, and the IWWF.

The IWWF Hall of Fame can be seen in its entirety in our museum in Davenport, Florida, or online at  and our website:

Huge Congratulations to Lynn! We can't wait to celebrate with him in April!


Established in 1968, the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation celebrates the history of all towed water sports and promotes these sports through our Scholarship Programs and the Water Ski & Wake Sports Hall of Fame.

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1 Comment

Lynn, Congratulations sir on your amazing accomplishment! I have been a Polk county resident and fan of water skiing since I was 15 years old and saw my first ski show at Cypress Gardens. I have the privilege of meeting you personally at February 2024 Cypress Gardens Water Ski Club show! I'm 65 and have enjoyed 50 years of water ski entertainment, due greatly in part to you and your efforts! Again, congratulations! Tony Woods/Lakeland, FL

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