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Daniel Murdy wins Dave Goode Scholarship

Daniel Murdy from Lincoln, Nebraska has won the $2400 Dave Goode Scholarship. Daniel is a senior at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

The USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation scholarships are awarded each year to water skiers who show leadership abilities and demonstrate that involvement in the sport has helped them grow both personally and academically. "At Nebraska, like many schools in the Midwest, many of our members are new to three-event skiing. I love spending time in the boat teaching and training with my friends. I hope to continue sharing this sport with as many friends as I can, both old and new, for years to come!" says Daniel. This is the first year of The Dave Goode Scholarship which is open to AWSA and NCWSA skiers from the Midwest Region who are pursuing a degree in Engineering or Mathematics.

"Your support of collegiate water sports has positive impacts far beyond me... The funds allow athletes such as myself to help cover the cost of education offsetting the income we need to generate while in school. This not only allows us additional time to study but also allows continued investment in the sport we all love. " says Daniel. The Foundation is very proud of our young athletes and honored to support their future academic needs. You can help support our mission by joining or donating to the foundation today.


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