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Markus Mortenson earns "Banana George" Scholarship

Markus Mortenson has been chosen as the 2023 recipient of the $2,200 "Banana George" Blair Ambassador Scholarship. Markus is from Plano, Texas and is a Junior at Southern Methodist University studying Engineering.

The USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation scholarships are awarded each year to water skiers who show leadership abilities and demonstrate that involvement in the sport has helped them grow both personally and academically.

Markus says, "I am honored to receive this scholarship which honors George Blair and the amazing work he did as an ambassador for the sport of waterskiing. I hope to follow my waterski journey in a manner similar to how George did: in a relentless and passionate pursuit while promoting the multi-generational sport."

In the same spirit that made him a legend, "Banana George" Blair continued to give back to water sports and the foundation throughout his life. George's family has created this scholarship to give student-athletes an opportunity to earn a college education while pursuing their water sports dreams. This scholarship is open to all water sports disciplines.

The USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation is very proud of our young athletes and honored to support their future academic needs. You can help support our mission by joining or donating to the Foundation.

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