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New Leadership, New Plan for the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation

While our nation is enduring a national health emergency, the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation is going through a crisis of its own.

Executive Director Tracy Mattes is no longer employed by The Foundation as of March 2020. The foundation currently has no employees.

All of the work for the foundation, from the financial negotiations to the website, and legal issues will be handled by volunteers and the volunteer Board of Trustees.

We plan to pursue our core mission and values to preserve, honor and celebrate our past through the Hall of Fame while we promote and support the future with our scholarship program.


The Foundation’s current revenue is not enough to pay our expenses and service the debt incurred by the plan to move our headquarters to the Lake Myrtle Sports Complex.

We have to build trust in the Foundation and strengthen our relationships with members and sponsors. We are going to need everyone to believe in our mission and our plan to come back stronger than ever.

The 22 members of the Board of Trustees held their annual meeting on May 3, 2020 via Zoom and elected new leadership for the foundation. The Trustees will now be meeting once a month to tackle issues right away.

President: Ed Hickey will be taking the lead on managing the business of the Foundation. Contact:

Chairman of the Board: Mark Overbye will manage the Board of Trustees and make sure actions of the board are implemented.

Vice President: Tim Huston

Secretary: Kim Laskoff

Treasurer: Teri Larson Jones

22 Volunteer Members of the Board of Trustees


1. Polk County Sports Marketing has helped us create a plan. It’s all about our roots and celebrating water sports in Polk County, where they first came to prominence. We can’t thank PCSM enough for standing by us through this difficult time.

2. Hank Longo is now an unpaid Project Executive Director – Hank will help us with events and day-to-day operations. Contact:

· Hank has found a place to display our Hall of Fame and Museum at no cost to the foundation.

· He has secured free storage for the rest of our memorabilia and has even mowed the grass at the Lake Myrtle property.

· He will also be taking the lead on planning the 2020 Hall of Fame Banquet which we currently plan for October 24, 2020. More details soon.

3. Market the Cable Park - Aktion Parks (Correct Craft) may be leaving Lake Myrtle in August. We rely on the cable park income. Polk County Sports Marketing has presented a marketing plan to help bring visitors to the park. Successful marketing will make the park attractive to any future operator.


We need your time and talent and when the time comes, your financial assistance. Any time you can volunteer to help us sort this out would be appreciated.

The Board of Trustees believes in the Foundation’s mission. It is not going to be easy. There is no quick fix, short of a two-million-dollar donor… so let’s all work together and make it happen.

Volunteer and believe in our future!

Ed Hickey

President, USA-WWF


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