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Submit your nominations NOW for the USA-WWF Award of Distinction, Lifetime Achievement Award

Do you know someone in towed water sports who deserves recognition? Nominate them today for the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation's Award of Distinction or Lifetime Achievement Award! Nominations are due August 1, 2021!

The Award of Distinction was created to recognize many individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to our sport. They may include tournament skiers, innovators, industry leaders, officials, and others responsible for landmark achievements in the development of water skiing as well as those whose long periods of dedicated and generous service deserve special recognition. Even those who have later become famous outside the sport and others whose contributions have been in the form of resources or public relations are eligible for nomination for the Award of Distinction.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is to recognize the “ambassadors” of our sport that have given of themselves back to the sport and dedicated their lives to making the sport better for everyone involved, whether they are competitors or behind the scenes tireless promoters and administrators in all aspects of the sport.

Person or persons must have been actively involved in one or more of the USA Water Ski Sport Disciplines of towed water sports for a minimum of 50 years. Typically, the time would start with their first involvement with the organized sport, such as joining a ski club or participating in an event, not when they took to the water for the very first time.

The 39th Annual Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held March 5, 2022 at the RP Funding Center in Lakeland, Florida. Stay tuned for details!


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