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Carroll "Bud" and Janet Piercy


Carroll "Bud" and Janet Piercy met in 1961 on a blind date.  Not too long after that, they started their water skiing career which has lasted more than 50 years.  Bud is a 20-time National Champion and Janet holds 19 National Championship titles.  The couple built a ski site near their home in Nebraska where they own a marina.  Over the past four decades, through this site, the Piercy's have promoted the sport of water skiing throughout the midwest, hosting water ski tournaments, servicing boats, and coaching water skiers.  Bud and Janet have been water ski officials since 1971 and are long time Senior Drivers and Judges. 


Bud has served as a Senior Judge and Senior Driver for multiple Midwest Regionals and Nationals.  He is also a Nebraska State Safety Director.  Janet has served as Pan Am Judge, Senior Scorer, and has been National Chairman for the Judges and Scorers Comittee.  She was Midwest Director from 1997 to 2003 and is an Honorary National Director.  Both Bud and Janet have Chief Judged Regionals.  Janet has been the Chief Scorer of both the Midwest Regionals and the Nationals.  Bud was the tournament director for the 1973 and 1975 Midwest Regionals.  Bud and Janet have been a driving force for water skiers in Iowa and Nebraska for many years.  They have been instrumental in promoting water skiing in the Nebraska State Games and have hosted U Can Ski 2 clinics for the disabled at their site for many years.

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