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So much more than Water Skiing: Curtis Rabe and the Florida Southern Story

Our scholarship program and the importance of education is a focus of the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation.

Our Project Executive Director Hank Longo had a chance to chat with Curtis Rabe, Coach of the Florida Southern Water Ski Team about water skiing and academics. At Florida Southern College, being a great athlete and a great student go hand-in-hand.

"If they're smart already... from a coaching standpoint, they understand what it takes to get their mind in shape to perform the athletic feats they're going to do on the water," says Rabe who is a water ski champion in his own right. (Watch the whole interview below)

Hank also spoke with Florida Southern College Senior and Water Ski Team Member Kelly Breeden who is a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major who wants to be a Marine Researcher.

Kelly skis in all three events but looks beyond water skiing, but not the water, for her future plans.

"I want to help figure out whats going on in the ocean... I want to use my degree to help save the planet," says Kelly who reportedly carries her organic chemistry text book everywhere... along with her skis!

Special thanks to PGTV for sharing this video with us!

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