So much more than Water Skiing: Curtis Rabe and the Florida Southern Story

Our scholarship program and the importance of education is a focus of the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation.

Our Project Executive Director Hank Longo had a chance to chat with Curtis Rabe, Coach of the Florida Southern Water Ski Team about water skiing and academics. At Florida Southern College, being a great athlete and a great student go hand-in-hand.

"If they're smart already... from a coaching standpoint, they understand what it takes to get their mind in shape to perform the athletic feats they're going to do on the water," says Rabe who is a water ski champion in his own right. (Watch the whole interview below)

Hank also spoke with Florida Southern College Senior and Water Ski Team Member Kelly Breeden who is a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major who wants to be a Marine Researcher.