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Throwback Thursday - Show Ski Legend, Willa Cook

To celebrate 100 years of towed watersports, we are highlighting several of our Hall of Fame inductees and this week we’re honoring Willa Cook.

Willa is best known for her innovative show ski routines and was inducted into the USA-WWF Hall of Fame in 1982.

"I was just a country girl," Willa said. "I knew pigs and chickens and horses, and I knew water, but little did I dream where water skiing would take me."

Her routines included never-before-seen tricks with her swivel ski and she even starred in tv shows and movies! She was the first person to choreograph music to waterski shows and worked for years at Cypress Gardens directing performances, designing costumes, and mentoring young show skiers.

Today, the Willa Cook Award is given annually to a deserving show ski athlete at the USA Water Ski and Wake Sports Awards Banquet.

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